Laws and Forms Needed When Hiring a New Employee

Last week we discussed if you should hire an employee or an independent contractor. This week we will discuss the laws and forms you will need when hiring a new employee.

Federal and Wisconsin agencies have rules you must abide by. The main laws for hiring an employee to keep in mind are:

  • Minimum wage laws
  • Time off and required leaves
  • Child labor laws and permits
  • Overtime rules
  • Break and lunch period rules
  • Any OSHA workplace safety rules regulating your industry

Labor law posters outline some of these laws and should be posted in a prominent place where every employee can review them. Some of the Wisconsin labor law posters can be downloaded from the DWD website:

There are also certain items you need to have when hiring your first employee:

  • Worker compensation insurance needs to be in place the day you hire an employee
  • You will need a federal EIN#
  • Register for a WI ID# and an ID# from the WI Dept of Workforce Development-Unemployment division

Upon hiring an employee you will need them to fill out the following new employee hire forms:

Other paper work you may need to have the employee review and sign either for compliance or permission purposes:

  • Benefit policies such as: sick/vacation/paid time off, pay periods, holidays
  • Work duties and other expectations such as: work hours, dress code, internet/phone use, security issues
  • Forms needed to make deductions from pay checks such as: uniforms, cell phone usage, or tools


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