Simple QuickBooks Tips – Part I

Customize QuickBooks with these simple changes.
Setting Your Preferences

Preferences can be found by going to the top of the QuickBooks Main Page.

  • Select “Edit,” and “Preferences”
  • “My Preferences” can be set by each user. This will control how the individual user interacts with QuickBooks.
  • “Company Preferences” are set by the administrator (if you have more than one user). It refers to how QuickBooks handles transactions as a whole.



  • Setup for account numbers is used by your accountant.  Account numbers assist in communication regarding changes to accounts. These numbers eliminate misunderstandings regarding the account you both are speaking about.
  • Setup for using “Classes”
  • Classes are great if you have departments or several business sites that you would like to see a profit and loss. Such as in rentals – you want to see the different apartment complexes separately for tax purposes. Or if you have two locations and want to see the profit for each location separately.
  • Another use for “Classes” is to help get reports for worker compensation audits or for industry. For example, in construction some examples would include new construction, residential, commercial, etc.
  • Close the year once given to your tax preparer. The year doesn’t close like in other accounting programs but it does offer a layer of protection from dating transactions into prior years.

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