Simple QuickBooks Tips – Part II

Customize QuickBooks with these simple changes.

QuickBooks General Tab

  • If you are a tab person, that’s great. But if you are continually hitting enter instead, like me, on the general tab you will find a check box for pressing enter to move between fields. The only drawback is you need to use the F keys or mouse to save transactions.
  • Annoyed by the noise? The general tab turns on and off the beeps.
  • Opening the drop down lists when you start typing, for quicker choices in name and account areas.

QuickBooks Reports

Did you know you can get reports in both accrual and cash? Preference setup gives you opportunity to choose which type you want most often. You can also choose to have the reports update automatically after any transaction changes. Both of these features are under Reports & Graphs.

QuickBooks Email Options

You can email different forms out to your clients from Quickbooks either through their site or through you Outlook email. Under Send Forms you can customize your cover letter.

Some example emails are those that go to customers, vendor purchase orders, reports to your tax professional or bank, or payroll. Carefully setup what information to display on pay stubs if you choose to email pay stubs to employees for obvious reasons. Sensitive items like social security numbers, addresses, etc. can be suppressed from the forms.

Additional QuickBooks Questions

Do you have additional questions regarding QuickBooks?  Contact me at 715-379-0116 or email me at You can also connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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