Simple QuickBooks Tips – Part IIII

Customize QuickBooks with these simple changes.


QuickBooks View

Have you setup your QuickBooks icon bar or does it still have the numerous QuickBooks elements pictured? You will find customizing your icon bar under the heading View. With this tool you can take off the icons you won’t use and add items you will use. For example:

    • Add write checks, enter vendor bills, and make customer invoices. – saves time with only one click to open.
    • Add calculator, use register and find – keeps these useful tools available at all times.
    • Add backup – a great way to remember to backup your data any time you do any major transaction entry or payroll so you don’t lose your information. Back up your data on a USB flash drive and take with you.


Another Open Windows List

  • This is handy if you are like me and have numerous items open at all times
  • The open windows list is a side bar that does just that – it lists what items are open so you can find what you want without closing or minimizing all the windows


Additional QuickBooks Questions

Do you have additional questions regarding QuickBooks?  Contact me at (715) 379-0116 or email me at You can also connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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