Why You Should Scan Your Business Expense Receipts


All business owners should buy a receipt scanner and scan your business expense receipts.


WHY?  Picture this scenario ~ you are in an IRS audit and the auditor asks to see your business expense receipts. As you pull out your business expense receipts, you discover that the ink on all them has faded and the pages are blank!  The auditor is not amused.  Is your situation hopeless?


Not if you had scanned your business expense receipts into a scanner and can display your records on a computer or print them out.


A receipt scanner is a scanner designed specifically for scanning and cataloging receipts. Not only will you have an image copy of all your receipts but the scanner software will extract the pertinent information. This data can then be used to create business expense reports or exported to other financial software.


Receipt scanners are a smart investment and a huge time saver for the home business owner or anyone else who has to track expenses. Here are some customer reviews regarding receipt scannershttp://receiptscanner.net/.  Before making an investment, do your research for the receipt scanner that will be best for you.


Don’t forget to save a backup of your scanned receipts on a flash drive and store your flash drive in a safe place


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